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5 sentences you’ve probably heard after sex with your partner



5 sentences you’ve probably heard after sex with your partner


5 sentences you’ve probably heard after sex with your partnerConversations after sex can be a little tricky to navigate. It’s really easy to start feeling anxious and self-conscious after sex. Depending on whoever you’re having sex with, you’ve definitely heard or said one of these statements after doing the nasty before.

‘This stays only between the two of us’

Yeah! I saw the smile you tried to hide. We both know the person who made this statement is not someone you were supposed to have been having sex with but life happened and you ended up in bed with each other.

‘Did you ‘cum’ in me?

We all know this one! It’s either you’ve said it a couple of times or you’re the one hearing it. Either ways guys, please use a condom.

‘Can I get a tissue?’

Well, how else are you going to clean the cum on you? But seriously guys, use condoms!

‘I need to use the washroom’

And this is perfectly normal ladies! Don’t be shy to let them know you need to use the washroom. The biggest benefit of urinating after sexual intercourse is that it helps reduce the chances of getting a urinary tract infection.

‘We are never doing this again’

Errmm who are we kidding, please? We both know you’ll come back.


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