70yr old woman arrested for killing 100yrs old husband with a pestle

12122017124132 pestle
12122017124132 pestle

A report sighted online states that a 70yr old woman, Agya Gurisi has killed her 100year old husband with a pestle. 

According to reports, the suspect was arrested by the Dormaa East District after she allegedly caused the death of her husband following a confrontation in their home at Kyekyenase in the Dormaa East District.

DSP Kwasi Asante who happens to be the Commander of the Dormaa East District Police Command confirmed the incident by saying that he had a distress call from the Assemblyman in the area, telling him about the unfortunate incident.

He said that they moved to the scene only to find the lifeless body of Agya Gurisi lying on the ground after the abuse.

According to him, the youth in the area also narrated the incident to them by saying that the couple had a misunderstanding and as the victim bent down to wear his shoes and head to the farm, his wife hit him with a Fufu pestle, causing his death.

“We had information from the Assemblyman of the area yesterday, so police proceeded to the place and met the lifeless body of an old man who looked like he was about 100 years old, and he had been hit on the head with a fufu pestle.

According to youth in the area, the couple had a little confrontation and as he bent down to wear his shoes and head to the farm, his wife hit him on the head with the pestle, and he died immediately,” he said.

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