A business man says people loved his services but were too broke to be his customers, he solved by doing this


Well, quiet often as an entrepreneur you will find yourself in this situation where people only admire what you have to offer but they don’t really give you any sales. This is commonly in most of online marketed businesses as people are most people would always comment of your items but cannot afford to buy them. In real life, someone can walk into your beautiful boutique try out few clothes but once you mention the price, they slither away uttering a word. To Musa this was the problem he was facing in his business. He had a beautiful boutique in the Nairobi CBD where his attractive items would display on the window display which had been attracting his customers but at the end they would still not purchase his items.

“A lot of customers got attracted to my clothes and shoes that I displayed on the windows. Some would even take the step of trying to fit into them but only a few would buy something that really worried me as I was not making any sales due to the condition,” he told our source. Obviously no business man would stop their customers from admiring their choice items as this is part of the business but to Musa he had been thinking of even placing some stickers which read “touch, fit and buy” but that would have scared his customers as he said. 

This situation was making him not to have the desirable sales as he thought most of his customers were broke to promote his business which meant he had nothing to enjoy as profit from his business like other businesses. Through his friend who had been in business for quiet some long time he was introduced to this man Dr Mugwenu a successful business spells caster as he was told. He had all the evidence on how Dr Mugwenu had changed people struggling businesses with his business charms. He met Dr Mugwenu at his offices who assured him that he would not share his testimonial to news websites and feeds as that would have brought some tension on his side and so keeping the information intact and only known to him was the safest way to go. Musa says he had never made such sales in his business. This time round customers would flock his boutique and not just try their desired items but they had been seriously purchasing unlike before when he had not know this man Dr Mugwenu.

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