A business man shares his story of his business struggles and how he made it a productive business


Who does not like to make money? After all we all need money to grow our businesses and to meet our personal needs. unfortunately, the world of business can be quiet tricky especially within the first few months of starting. Things don’t always give the way we’d like them to. And no matter how fool-proof your business plan is, you should always be prepared for couple of surprises because businesses don’t take off. Alfred had an electronic shop business in Nairobi and he expected the business to grow within a short period of time since he was those kind of people who wanted to make fortunes in their businesses within a short period of time. His shop was really a huge one and well equipped with all kind of electronics.

“When I got into business I was not a patient men as I wanted to be a successful business person just within few months of operating something that was not possible as to how things had been going into my business activities,” he lamented to our source. He would see other business persons make fortunes from their businesses but failed to understand that they had been into business for quiet some long time and he had just started his business. He was not a patient person as he wanted to make fortunes and overtake his business competitors which was impossible as is business was not even know by most people.

He never slept as each particular day he would think how he would make his business compete in the market as he had really invested some good cash it but it was not giving out the desirable profits as he lamented. He came through this traditional doctor by the name Dr Mugwenu through his popular website www.mugwenudoctors.com and saw how this man had helped business persons get breakthrough into their businesses through his powerful spells. He met Dr Mugwenu at his offices. Dr Mugwenu assured him that his testimonial would not be shared to news websites and news feeds as he only wanted to assist him have a good business flow and if it was his wish to share his testimonial by his own consent. He was offered successful business spells and went back to operate his business. He said things had changed in his business as he had been seeing the chance to reach the millionaires club within a short period of time as he was really making sales in his business due to Dr Mugwenu business spells.

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