A hotel business man says his aspect of self-doubt and negative thinking almost killed his business ambition


Will people take me seriously when I present my idea to them? With the investors think am serious when I tell them about my growth plan? Is my business fir enough to compete with the big boys for making money? These are the worries every entrepreneur faces and so if you are facing them they are just welcoming you to the club. This was the same thing Stephen a hotel business man had been facing. He had that negative thinking that his hotel would not reach at certain levels and it would not compete with the already established hotels in the area of the business. His attitude really affected his business as what he had just been happening into his business.

It was such a nice hotel but his mentality even killed how his business operated. He felt that there were specific people who were entitled to be in the business sectors and not him. Each time he felt less when operating his business in Nairobi. He never had that confidence to operate his business like other business persons had. He says most of the times he feared the big boys( the businesses that had already establishes and familiarized themselves in the market) he never asked them for good ideas which made their businesses a success  but kept quiet most of the times as he thought by asking people would despise him. 

“I never believed in myself when I first ventured into business. I had always opted to get an office job. This was the main reason why my hotel business was not doing well. This meant that all my workers also lost that business confidence as  they learnt it from there master, which was me,” he said. After a long time struggle, he learned about a traditional doctor by the name Dr Mugwenu through his popular website www.mugwenudoctors.com where this herbalist had been offering people some successful business spells that really made people successful in their businesses. That was such a good option that would make him successful in business. He met Dr Mugwenu who assured him that he would not share his testimonial with news websites and news feeds as he was only determined to ensure he got assistance. Dr Mugwenu casted successful business spells to him and gave him assurance that everything would flow in his business. With few weeks of operating the business just after coming from Dr Mugwenu, things had changed into his business as he had been making good profits. His business was now able to compete with the already established businesses which boosted his confidence as an entrepreneur.

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