A man outlines how he ensured his poultry farming business never collapsed


Farming is one of the most feared business as most of people think the business is may demean their social status as they even think its only meant for people who have not been into class. A lot of people especially the youth tend to seek white color jobs and fail to understand that farming can be a good source of income. To Fred  a graduate from unmentioned university in Kenya, farming business was his only way he would use to beat the poverty lines he was in. He ventured into poultry farming a business he says was not that easy as people thought. He started the business using the little money he had been getting from handy jobs he had been up to after he graduated from the university. 

“I saved some little money from the tiresome handy jobs I had been doing just after I graduated from campus. I knew how it hard for a new graduate to land a job in Kenya as it needed all forms of connections and I knew no one at this particular time,” he said. He started by rearing 30 hens which was a mixture of layers and broilers as he narrated. It was really a difficult journey as maintaining the poultry alone needed some god cash. The chicken meals were too expensive something he says he had to work extra-mile by doing the handy jobs or him to get the capital to provide his poultry with the required diet. 

“There were a lot of challenges in managing the business but I kept on tying for I knew one day I would make some good money from this gig,” he said.  The other major problem that he was facing was lack of market and potential clients which was the core of any business to be successful. Luckily he met a traditional doctor through his popular website www.mugwenudoctors.com and went all through all his deeds to business persons who had seeked his assistance. This was his chance to ensure he met his man Dr Mugwenu for the improvement of his business. On meeting him, Dr Mugwenu assured him that his testimonial would not leak on news feeds and websites as that would have even affected his business. Dr Mugwenu casted the successful business spells to him. He went back to his poultry business and he started witnessing some changes. He said that clients since then started booking his poultry. He never found himself in a situation of looking for customers as the spells made it possible for clients flood his farm , which meant profits for his business.

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