Abena Korkor is in her element as she tw3rks on her knees in her latest video [watch].

Abena Korkor is in her element as she twerks on her knees in her latest video [watch].,Abena Korkor,Abena Korkor twerking video,Abena Korkor twerks

Former Television personality Abena Korkor has dished out a video modelling and posing in different angles for the camera as she flexed her plus-size figure.

Abena Korkor, a mental health and body positivity advocate, proves that she’s confident in her skin.

The former TV3 presenter, who recently grabbed media attention with her infamous list of men she has laid, flexed her grit as she effortlessly modelled like a professional.

As a plus-size advocate, Abena Korkor has been urging self-worth and self-love.

”Low self-esteem will make you feel you don’t deserve better or will never have better. No settling for less,” she captioned a previous photo.

Although she didn’t give details, her recent clip has garnered the attention of her followers, racking in thousands of views and garnering their comments underneath the post.

Watch the video below:


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