Greetings, Sir/Madame I’m sure you’d like to advertise on

Well, Ghanaflaver is open to any advertisement with the exception of pornographic ads, illegal ads, or advertisements with the intent of defrauding people.

The following are the available ad spaces:–

• 125X125 – (Small Square right of content)
• 300×250 – (Medium Rectangle, right of content & below content)
• 336 x 280 – (Large Rectangle, below content)
• 728×90 – (Leaderboard, below header and menu, below logo)
• 160×600 – (Wide Skyscraper, left of content, right sidebar)
• 468X60 – (Middle homepage, below articles)
• Site skin and background take overs

Inquire about general and specialized advertising executions (such as sponsorship, complete site takeovers/reskins, and advertorials) by emailing [email protected].