Afia Schwar post old photo as air hostess, challenges Mona Gucci to also prove she went to law school

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Afia Schwarzenegger has this Thursday morning posted an old photo of herself as an air hostess back in South Africa.

In the caption, she challenged TV presenter Mona Gucci to also prove that she went to law school as she claimed on United Showbiz on UTV last weekend.

Recall a few days ago when Mona claimed that she studied Immigration Law at Massachusetts University of Law & did internship at Abigail Williams & Co law firm, Afia Schwarzenegger came out to challenge her that she should post her graduation photos or her law certificate if she indeed went to law school.

Watch the video below;

Mona Gucci in reply to Afia Schwarzenegger also challenged her that if she was indeed an air hostess in South Africa as she has been saying, she should also prove which airline she worked for.

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Okay now, Afia Schwarzenegger has proved it to us that she indeed worked as an air hostess.

She claims her photo was taken on 25/10/2008.

The river behind us separates Congo Kinshasa (DRC) from Congo Brazzaville.”, she added.

“Now can the lead counsel from Abigail williams and Co.lead us in prayers with some throwback memories from the highest court of Massachusetts??? Rtflmao 😄 🤣 😂 😆 😄 🤣 😂 😆”, she finally wrote in a challenge to Gucci Mona.

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