Akuapem Poloo cursed by a chief – Prophet claims (VIDEO)


A prophet has claimed on live television that Ghanaian socialite Rosemond Brown, popularly known as Akuapem Poloo, has been cursed by a chief.

According to the prophet who is known as Osofo Dankwa, the chief – whom he refused to reveal his name and traditional area – poured libation and evoked curses on the controversial actress.

He said Akuapem Poloo

can only be free from the curse if she follows three steps.

Osofo Dankwa claimed she would be saved if she seeks the Kingdom of God and worships him fervently; finds a spiritually strong pastor to walk with him, and remove the name “Akuapem” from her names.

He claimed she was cursed because of the name ‘Akuapem’ and if she refuses to follow the steps provided, she will lose her relevance and face calamity.

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