“Alcohol and women ruined my life” 63-year-old man narrates

Barasu Kwame is a 63-year-old man who is now a born again after years of living a wayward life.

Kwame now sells footwear for a living and hopes God provides at the end of the day. According to him, he began in 1985 when they could inflate the prices of their products without any regard.

”If it was 10gh, I could sell it for 50 to 100gh and use that for alcohol and women. Back then, the women liked me, so it didn’t matter if I was in a relationship, ” Kwame said.

He added that due to his lifestyle, he had two children with different women but the women didn’t tell him about it.

”I was never married but my baby mamas didn’t tell me about the children till they were older. They visit sometimes and encourage me, ” he explained.

He is now filled with regrets and advises young men to quit drinking and sleeping around, So they will be able to save.

Kindly watch the video below;

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