“All My Money Has Been With My Wife Since We Married 13 Years Ago”-CoP Pastor, SK Fianko-Larbi

all my money has been with my wife since we married 13 years ago cop pastor sk fianko larbi

A pastor at the Church of Pentecost, pastor SK Fianko-Larbi has said that all his money has been with his wife since their marriage 13 years ago.

Pastor SK Fianko-Larbi said this in response to a query by a member of the popular Facebook group”Tell It All” who sought to find out if it is prudent to disclose how much you take home to your wife.

For him, his wife is not a lover of money but a good manager of resources and that is why he has entrusted his money, all of it, to her.

“All my money has been with my wife since we married 13 years ago because she is not a lover of money but rather, a good manager of resources,” he replied.

A lot of men would find it difficult replicating what pastor SK Fianko-Larbi has been able to do but that is partly because not all women will be or are better managers of resources as his wife is.

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Pastor SK Fianko-Larbi

Also, a lot of these women today cannot be trusted to manage a man’s purse prudently when it is given to them to manage all by themselves.

Pastor SK Fianko-Larbi is a pastor at the Church of Pentecost and he is on missions to Kenya where he is with his wife Theresa.

The question that begs for answers: would you, as a man, disclose your salary to your wife or hand over all your purse to your wife to manage your finances for you.

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