“Apologize to us within 24 hours else legal actions would be taken against you”- MTN to Salman Mumin.

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One of Ghana’s most reliable telecommunication network “MTN” has over the years been largely used by people all over the world including Ghana.

It is one of the best network in Ghana as it has several features that aids individuals aside Vodafone,Airteltigo and a lot more.

The MTN network isn’t only used for calls and internet purposes but also a platform for transaction.It’s known as MTN mobile money.

it’s known to be one of the safest mode of transaction until a recent post was made about it describing it as “a no safe platform”.

Salman Mumin, one of Ghana’s finest actresses made an accusation on Instagram about how she had lost a huge amount of money from her business MTN Momo account.According to her,she said…

“MTN keeps saying nobody can withdraw your money from your momo account without your concern but I just found out my over 10000 cedis from my business Momo account has been taken…MTN IS NOT SAFE ANYMORE”.

However,The management came out boldly to refute claims of any loss of money and that it was all a fallacy.They had further demanded an apology from the actress in a maximum of 24 hours explicitly stating her claims that her money was taken away is false before any legal action would be taken against her.

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