As for this election period, I have not decided to campaign for the NPP again – Musician Barima Sidney

Wpid Sydney

Musician and sympathizer of the NPP government, Barima Sidney has said he is undecided on whether to campaign for the governing party or not.

According to the NPP stalwart who publicly campaigned for the NPP in the 2012 and 2016 elections, he is now into the business side of things thus he is not going to campaign for free anymore.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, the ‘African Money’ crooner said he is ready to work for both the NPP and NDC if only they are ready to pay him for his services.

“You know with politics, anything can happen but I have not decided yet. However, I am available to perform for any party who needs my services because I am a musician and need to benefit from my hard work,”

Interestingly, Barima Sidney said the fact that he campaigned and donned the colours of the NPP does not mean he is eternally affiliated to the party; he is ready to work with any party that is ready to pay.

“First of all, the musician is a businessman and has to survive. There is nothing wrong if he performs for NPP and performs for the NDC the next time.

“If that musician is seen wearing a party T-Shirt and campaigning for a particular candidate, that is when he or she can be tagged with that particular party.

“If the NPP comes today and they need my services, I will perform for them just like the NDC. With the NPP in power, I don’t think they will be comfortable if I sing African Money because it won’t favour them but I have other great songs I can perform for them,” he said.

Barima Sidney is known for songs such as Scent No, African Money, Efuru Ponkor, Colour TV, Who Born Dog, Enko Yie, Time Aso among others. He disclosed that he planned on releasing a new single this month.

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