Aspiring president, Akua Donkor says Police taking bribe is not a crime

Akua Donkor

Founder and leader of Ghana Freedom Party, Akua Donkor, has said that the Ghana Police taking bribe is not a crime.

Speaking in a viral video, she noted that people at various work places take large sums of money as bribe.

So the meager amounts such as GHS1, and GHS2 that Police officers take from drivers is nothing compared to the large amounts others take.

That is not bribe, people take a lot of money in Ghana as bribe but police takes GHS1, GHS2 and you call it bribe. Something is worrying those who think that is bribe. They should continue taking the money. Nothing is wrong with it.“, she stated.

So how can we call that bribe?“, she quizzed.

Watch the video below:

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