Be assertive, learn hard and avoid fake WhatsApp groups – Teacher to B.E.CE candidates as examination approaches

A veteran facilitator, Boateng Philip has urged all Junior High School students awaiting for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E) to learn hard and be asssertive to fake WhatsApp groups.

According to him, people create groups when examination approaches to deliver questions to final year students which is a wrong turn. He had therefore pleaded with all final year students to desist from such a bad act.

He said, students should learn as much as they can because the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) will set questions based on their syllabus and nothing elsewhere to come. ” your textbooks are there, be a wise person and be assertive, be eager to learn for the West Africa Examination Council will set its questions based on the syllabus which teachers use to teach“.

The final examination which has been slated September 14, 2020 because of the Pandemic has now 18 days facelift which approximately holds a week of three.

Mr . Boateng made his comments yesterday, Monday August 17, 2020 when Cheesefmonline asked him if he has an advice for the Basic finalists. He said he wishes all final year students well including those in the Senior High School which some will be completing next week a face of glory.

Concluding his brotherly words, he also pleaded with teachers and heads of schools to give off their best to help the candidates especially, how to answer questions and the necessary rules and regulations laid by the examination firm

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