Beef Alert: How can l copy from a Rapper who can’t Rap in English – Cameroonian Rapper jabs Sarkodie.

A Cameroonian Rapper identified as King B Swag has gone hard on Sarkodie for his incapacity to Rap in English after he has been accused for stealing the term ‘Rapperholic’ from the Ghanaian Artist.

Arguably the best Rapper available in the African Continent, Sarkodie’s reluctance to throw punches in English has become the criterion used in discrediting his hard earned reputation.

It’s sad to realize Sark is being criticized for promoting his indigenous language instead of seeking his selfish gains as the said Cameroonian Rapper used the same criterion to diss the BET Award winner.

The diss comes after King B Swag was accused for copying Sarkodie’s popular term “Rapperholic”. But according to him, there’s no way he can copy anything from the Ghanaian Rapper who can’t spit a rap verse in English. He even Alleged that Sarkodie himself might have copied the term from ‘Workerholic’

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