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BegyeBosea Mobile Loan In Ghana – Get Instant loan of Ghc 5,000 with BegyeBosea App.

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BegyeBosea Mobile Loan In Ghana – Get Instant loan of Ghc 5,000 with BegyeBosea App.


“Life is Hard, Ghana Harder” – This is what I heard one guy said to his friend during a convo. Undoubtedly, he’s right. Ghana is really hard recently.

Prices of Commodities and Services are going up each day, yet the meagre salary of the ordinary Ghanaian is stagnant.

So, in other to survive the hardship in the country, many people tend to look out for instant mobile Loan Apps in Ghana.

There are lots of ways one can acquire a loan in Ghana, but the easiest way is by the use of Lending /Mobile Loan app simply because, you’d only need your smartphone and you don’t have to leave your house to apply for the loan.

However, most of the mobile loan apps in Ghana are fraudulent.

I’ve had cases where people complain some of These loan apps claim they have disbursed money to them, but the applicant never gets any money, yet the lenders has given them due date to repay the loan.

Well, I’m here to help you get the best possible mobile loan app to get an instant loan from.

In this article, I will show you how to get an instant loan with BegyeBosea App, their interest rate, requirements and lots more.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

begyebosea loan 1024x576 1
begyebosea loan 1024×576 1

What is BegyeBosea?

BegyeBosea is a fintech app that provides instant loan services to users based on their credit value. In other words, is an instant loan app available on Google Play Store.

Anyone who meets their requirements can apply for this loan.

Who is Eligible For BegyeBosea Loan?

The following are the eligibility for BegyeBosea’s loan:-

  • The applicant must be a Ghana Resident.
  • The Applicant Must be between the ages of 18-65.
  • Last, the applicant must have good credit.

BegyeBosea Interest rate

Every mobile loan in Ghana comes with an interest rate, BegyeBosea isn’t the odd one here – there are also interest rate applied to their loan product.

Per the information obtained from BegyeBosea’s app on Google Play Store, their loan interest ranges from 7.91% to 21.29% per annum.

So the daily interest rate=10.95%/365=0.03%
The interest for 200 days =1,000×10.95%/365×200= 60
The totally repayment=1,000+60= 1,060.

BegyeBosea Loan Amount

How much loan does BegyeBosea give?

The minimum loan gives is 100 cedis and maximum is 10,000 cedis when you keep a good repayment record/history.

BegyeBosea Loan Term

Also, per the information obtained from BegyeBosea’s app on Google Play Store, BegyeBosea gives users 121~365 days to repay their loan.

Remember, i will borrow the loan myself to check if everything they’ve said is true. If it isn’t, I will let you know during the loan application process.

Contact BegyeBosea Loan

You can talk to BegyeBosea’s support team via any of the mediums Below:

BegyeBosea Phone Number: 0270166245

BegyeBosea Email Address: [email protected]

Where is BegyeBosea located?

BegyeBosea Loan is situated at Elephant Walk Rd, New-Town, Accra – Ghana.

How to apply for BegyeBosea Mobile Loan?

This is the guide on how to apply for BegyeBosea Loan successfully.

To apply for this loan, you must first download the BegyeBosea Loan APK Or On Google Play Store (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD).

Once you’ve installed the app, open it and Click On Loan.

screenshot 20220528 202037 begyebosea 979x1024 1
screenshot 20220528 202037 begyebosea 979×1024 1
screenshot 20220528 202059 begyebosea 749x1024 1
screenshot 20220528 202059 begyebosea 749×1024 1

You should be taking to a page like the one above, kindly type in your phone number and click on Application.

BegyeBosea will send you a OTP code to verification.

screenshot 20220528 202118 begyebosea 1 717x1024 1
screenshot 20220528 202118 begyebosea 1 717×1024 1

Once that is done, click on Loan Again.

This time around, you’d be taking to a page where you’d have to fill some form.

  • Loan Amount
  • Loan Duration
  • Use of loan (Purpose of the loan)
  • Where did you hear about BegyeBosea
  • Method Of Payment
  • Coupon (If any)
  • Repayment Trail
screenshot 20220528 202646 begyebosea 765x1024 1
screenshot 20220528 202646 begyebosea 765×1024 1

Click on the repayment Trail to know how much you’d have to pay back. When everything is cool by you, click SUBMIT FOR REVIEW to proceed with the loan application process.

On the next page, you must sign, anything!

screenshot 20220528 202845 begyebosea 1024x874 1
screenshot 20220528 202845 begyebosea 1024×874 1

Last, is time to smile for the camera. Take a selfie and submit to complete your loan application process with BegyeBosea.

screenshot 20220528 202918 begyebosea 541x1024 1
screenshot 20220528 202918 begyebosea 541×1024 1


We are done for today, I hope this article hel

ps you get an instant loan from BegyeBosea Loan.

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