Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Reunion show day 25: Housemates get psychoanalyzed

Cz K9kpturbxy8ynza0mtdlnty0mzy2yzczmguwzwe3yzjkn2qwmtu5nc5qcgerkwxnaxtnabybotabOn the latest episode of the Reunion show, the reality stars have their mental health evaluated by a guest psychiatrist.
Doctor Oluseun Ogunnubi, the show’s special guest took turns discussing some of the housemates struggles during and after the game. Catch the highlights:



The unrivaled extrovert, Omashola’s psychoanalysis revolved around how he struggled to balance his impulsive and loud reaction during the show and in the real world. He also exhibited certain non-verbal cues that proved he struggled with a betrayal from his past.

Omashola revealed that he still struggled with the hurt of his ex’s unrequited love and had hoped to take advantage of the girls in the house.



Jackye disclosed her struggle with cyber bullying and keeping up with social media trends. The doctor analyzed her to be oppressive and unrelatable. Jackye explained that while she didn’t plan on winning, she had intended to portray the Nigerian woman differently and the game to her was expressing her intelligence. Going on, she admitted to struggling with the dilemma to either stay true to herself or join the winning team. The professional advice was to employ selective abstraction while on social media.


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Ike admitted to struggling with his old self and his new self- the human dynamic. He also had issues trusting the people in his life. His trust issues may have probably gotten worse after the show coupled with his uncertainties about liking his new or old self. However, he claims he learnt how to rein in his emotional roller coaster after the show.


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