Broken-hearted taxi driver kills girlfriend for refusing to marry him after sponsoring her university education

A broken-hearted Ghanaian taxi driver has murdered his girlfriend after she painfully dumped him.

According to Ghanacelebrities, the taxi driver reportedly could not handle the pain of paying for this lady’s education through teacher training college only for her to dump him after graduating.

In retatliation, he killed her and then committed suicide himself.

According to the story flying around on social media, the taxi driver is known as Emmanuel Kwakye from Cape Coast.

Emmanuel was reportedly married with two kids when he met the girl, known as Lamisi.

He left his family for her and sponsored her education throughout Teacher Training College.

After she graduated and he thought it was time for them to get together, she broke up with him without giving any explanation.

That left Emmanuel in anger and grief so he took it out on her by stabbing her.

He then went on the run when police came looking for him and was found dead at the Brohima L/A Basic School in Mankessim from an apparent suicide.

We sometimes hear such stories on social media and whilst it doesn’t always end in murder-suicide you can see that the potential for violence is there.

It is a really despicable thing to lead someone on and let them sponsor your education then later on turn them away like they’re nothing.

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Men have done it to women and women have also done it to men but it’s never right.

People must stop using each other because when a person is in the pits of desperation, their emotions take over and emotions as we know can never be rational.

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