Businessman who was refused a bank loan when he was young now buys the bank 17 years later

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A Manchester businessman has had the last laugh after he was refused a bank loan for being “too young and inexperienced.”

That’s because 17 years later, Adam Deering bought the bank.

The 39-year-old, from Urmston, was rejected for a £10,000 business loan application in 2002.

However, following his rejection, Adam went on to build a successful debt management company, which he sold for £5million in 2014.

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Now at the head of five different multi-million businesses, he has had his revenge after splurging £450,000 to buy the bank premises where his dream was belittled by staff.

Adam said: “I’ve always firmly believed that if you work hard enough to achieve your dream, then anything is possible.

“I quit my job as a salesman aged 21 because I knew I had it in me to create a successful business, but I didn’t have a penny to my name, so I needed a bank loan.

“I presented them with a comprehensive business plan and asked for £10,000 but the bank manager didn’t seem to take me seriously at all.

“I’d put my heart and soul into the business plan and I remember having my fingers crossed under the table as I nervously waited for the manager to go through it.

“I was devastated when she told me I was too young and inexperienced and there was no way they could take a risk on me.”

The following months were not an easy ride for Adam.

With last month’s salary from his salesman job, Adam rented a small office in Stretford and was determined not to be defeated by the rejection of the loan from the Royal Bank of Scotland.

He explained: “Without the money, I spent four months cold calling people from the floor of a small office because I couldn’t even afford a desk and a chair.

“Those early months were very difficult, not knowing if I was going to be able to make it work and not knowing if I’d be able to pay my bills.

“There were lots of times when I thought it was the end, but I refused to give up and it paid off.”

But his hard work and determination saw the debt management firm takeoff, and he sold it for £5m in 2014 and today Adam is a widely respected businessman who has built a series of multi-million-pound companies, including debt management firm Hanover Insolvency and funeral company Pride Planning.

He uses his rags-to-riches background to inspire others as a motivational speaker, while he also holds a property portfolio worth millions of pounds.

Buying a bank building in his hometown of Urmston carries a degree of emotional significance, but Adam has exciting plans to turn it into a mixed retail and residential scheme.

Having spent £450,000 to purchase the premises, he will spend another £500,000 to develop eight flats and one retail unit.

He added: “Building a business from scratch certainly isn’t easy and there are always times when you wonder if it is going to work out.

“The key is to stay true to your vision and keep going, there will always be hurdles to overcome.

“When I was turned down for the loan, it was tough but because I had a dream and I was so focused on achieving it, I made it happen anyway.

“To me, buying the bank building brings things back full circle and it shows that I was right to keep believing in myself.”


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