BUSTED: McBrown is deceiving Ghanaians with exercise meanwhile she has done liposuction surgery – Maamesi Aikins (+ Video)

mcbrown is deceiving ghanaians with exercise meanwhile she has done liposuction surgery – maamesi aikins video

Setting the records straight, contemporary ladies around the world including Nana Ama McBrown like their bodies curvaceous, for reasons best known to them. To those born natural, well and good.

For some, measures too extreme are taken including plastic enhancement surgery. We might all know the specific reasons for that and even though it might be embarrassing, some females point their surgeries out and are even proud of the outcomes.

Now, following social media commentary, Nana Ama McBrown is the newest personality to have her name on the list of Ghanaian female celebrities who have gone under the knife to have a perfect body shape.

According to the well-informed social media users, Nana Ama McBrown is hiding behind exercise as the ultimate cause of the increase in the size of her buttocks, but the reality is that she’s gone under the knife – liposuction surgery.

“Mcbrown has a nice backside after she gave birth. I am not sure if the exercise has shape her body this way”, a netizen called Maamesi Oakville Aikins said.

Don’t forget, McBrow after child delivery has been seen in a lot of videos embarking on body exercise but in the voice of Maamesi Oakville Aikins and other discerning ladies netizens, the host of UTV United Showbiz is just deceiving Ghanaians as she has done liposuction surgery to enhance her buttocks.

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Maamesi Aikins exposes McBrown



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