Cardi B Said She ‘Hates’ these three words and will never rap in her songs

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Cardi B has uncovered the three words that she will never use in any of her tunes.

During an appearance on the Kyle and Jackie O public broadcast, the WAP rapper uncovered that she loathes the expressions “moist”, “release” and “horchata”.

She said “I mean, ugh, ‘discharge’ is kind of gross. A cringy word to me is ‘moist’. I just hate it. And I hate the word ‘horchata’. It’s a Mexican drink. It’s really good, but I just hate that word.”

Cardi also admitted that she doesn’t like the clean radio edit for her latest single WAP, which features fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

WAP, which stands for “wet a** p***y”, was censored for radio and the title used instead is “Wet and Gushy”, and it seems Cardi is not a big fan of the term “gushy” either.

After host Kyle Sandilands told Cardi he preferred the explicit version, she agreed, saying she can’t even bring herself to say the clean version’s title.

“I would have had to replace it with ‘bounce that big old booty’, because that’s the only thing that rhymed,” she said. “It was really hard to clean this song up, because I hate the word gushy.”

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