CCTV Films Two Bread Sellers Of A Company ‘Chewing Themselves’ While At Work

Photogrid Plus 1593108944054Some two alleged bread sellers of a company were filmed by a nearby CCTV chewing themselves while work was in progress.

Some two bread sellers of a company would have had their peace of mind if not for nearby ‘wicked’ CCTV which caught them kissing and smooching each other.

The video was first released into the system by Nigerian musician Samklef who captioned:

“18+ Na bread seller dem go born .. Na wa o! See something o! No be me post am o! Wan je ete! Bread 🍞 go burn o. Dem nack o! But I no fit post am.”]

In the video, the two almost ‘knacked themselves’. But for the seek of being in work, they kissed and squeezed each other till they got tired.

Some people do not have the power to control their libido.

Watch The Video Below:

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