“Children of Jehovah Witnesses will not enjoy Free SHS when I become president” Akua Donkor

Akua Donkor 1

The Leader and founder of Ghana Freedom Party (GFP)Maame Akua Donkor has disclosed that children of members of Jehovah Witness Church will not enjoy Free SHS under her reign as president of Ghana.

Speaking during ‘Akan presidential debate’ held by Adom TV, she said her reason is because members of the above mentioned church do not vote, hence, they do not take part in decision making of the country’s future.

So once she becomes president, all their children would be expelled so that there can be enough space in the schools for the children of those who care about the future of the country and vote accordingly.

Watch the video below:

Akua Donkor said in an ealier interview with Kofi Adoma on Kofi TV that she’ll also sack all Jehovah Witnesses from the Government sector over their non-voting beliefs. She said;

“When I become president, no member from the Jehovah Witness will be allowed to do government work, you don’t want to vote, who should vote for you to go and work at the government office”.

She added that; “All members of the Jehovah witness will go to the market and trade”.

Akua Donkor concluded that all Jehovah Witness working in government institutions will be banned if she becomes Ghana’s president.

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