Confession: I Won’t Lie For Anything. I Feel So Guilty Doing This To Mahama In Here

Ea19b772 9159 499c Ae31 F5da41ffa47bThe greatest tragedy in life isn’t death or impermanence or suffering. These are all ego-centric and selfish tragedies.

The greatest tragedy in life is the loss of your knowledge and experience when you die. You spend an entire lifetime learning about the world, developing a point of view, building expertise, advancing human knowledge.

And then poof, in an instant it’s all gone to waste. Artificial intelligence might help us solve this disaster.

Consider that we spend decades of our time on Earth just trying to learn the things necessary to succeed in the world. The modern economy has become so ultra-specialized that knowledge worker jobs are now increasingly atomized into niche threads in a tapestry of employment that spans the globe.

“It was one bright Sunday morning when I was sent to give cola nuts to Mahama in his apartment. The man I’ve been yearning to see because of how powerful he is .

Little did I know that I will be carrying guilty conscience for over sixteen years. It’s time to speak out. It’s time to voice out so that God can forgive me and my decendants.

My Daddy gave me three cola nuts and packet of cigarettes for Mahama. Upon reaching his hut that very afternoon, I saw a long queue in front of his wooden structure. In the queue was my girlfriend Yaba.

“Yaba? What are you doing here? ” I soliloquied. I hid behind the hut to watch what my girlfriend had come to do. As I looked on from my hideout, I saw something fell from her bag as she quickly picks it up.

” Jesus Christ ! It was my picture” My shaking body especially my ass could feel the heat of curiosity.I nearly shouted but I kept my cool. At that moment, I saw Mahama the most powerful man come out from his hut. He was wearing a red, black, green and white stripped fugu holding an umbrella in his left hand.

My girlfriend knelt in front of Mahama in a posture as if she wanted to pick something from the floor.

At this moment,I Saw her putting three cowries on my picture. Then the incantations started. ” Yaba” I shouted her name.

She and Mahama turned simultaneously into my direction.I came out and enquired what was going on. Yaba went down on her knees crying

” Kaakyire I don’t want to loose you.I love you so much.I wanted Mahama to help me spiritually tie you up in my heart. For me alone and no one else.Not even your mother or any other woman.” Yaba said crying.

At this point, I pounced on Mahama and started beating him mercilessly.Those in the queue came to separate us. But I was adamant.

” Why won’t you listen? Why are you so stubborn?” A familiar voice said.I turned in the direction to see a familiar face

” Jesus ” What are you also doing here?..

Before he could speak, I was on my knees.


Source: Ghsplash

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