Counsellor Lutterodt’s poverty is revealed in a heated debate on Onua TV (Watch Video).

screenshot 2021 06 20 at 4.43.40 pm
screenshot 2021 06 20 at 4.43.40 pm

On Onua TV’s ‘Anigye Mmmr3’ show, controversial counsellor, George Lutterodt was given the red light when he was silenced with an expose that he lives in total poverty.

This came about when Lutterodt made an inflaming comment as he usually does, citing that the female v*gina is an organ that is used to alleviate poverty.

His comment didn’t go down well with loudmouth Instagram influencer, Gh Mouthpiece who put the counsellor in his right place.

She descended on Lutterodt and said he should not pass some comments on national tv but an incessant Lutterdot hit back that he has every right to say what he said because he’s saying what he deems right.

An infuriated Gh mouthpiece exploded exposing Counsellor’s poverty using his won words against him.

According to her if that is Counsellor Lutterodt’s position then he’s telling his wife to go out there and sell her v*gina for cash because they all know his wife is broke as f*ck.

She boldly said Lutterodt has just given his wife licence to go out there and sleep with men because she needs to alleviate her poverty.

Lutterodt seemed exasperated and didn’t know how to hit back.

See the video below;

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