Criss Waddle replies a fan who asked why he no more shows off on social media again

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Criss Waddle is one of the most successful musicians in Ghana. He’s the owner of Arab Money Gang record label.

During his prime days, he was well known for showing off his expensive lifestyle. Talk of his luxurious cars, expensive holidays, and mansions.

But in recent times, Criss Waddle has all of a sudden stopped living such lavish lifestyles. When you monitor his social media snapshots, all you’ll see is that he’s building houses. He has said on multiple platforms that he’s into real estate.

Well, a fan who has observed this new change in Criss Waddle tweeted at him saying that why has he changed all of a sudden?

In response, the AMG Business CEO said he has grown so he doesn’t need to do those ‘childish kinds of stuff’ again. He also added that God has intervened in his life, thus, the reason why he doesn’t do the things he used to do.

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