Curvy Woman Caught Having S.£x With 13-year-old Boy, He Asked For It – She Said (+Photos)

The yet-to-be-identified lady has been arr3sted after she was once caught red-handed having a suitable time with the little boy in Houghton Park, Zimbabwe.

The suspect informed H-Metro that she didn’t commit any crime due to the fact the sufferer himself invited her to have intercourse at his parents’ house.

“What did I do wrong and how did I know his house if he hadn’t called me?” the woman asked, adding “We had protected s3x and I do not see any reason why I can be treated like a thief or robber”

She was once taken to Waterfalls Police Station the place she is presently being detained, reviews say.

In Zimbabwe, having intercourse with a minor is a crook offense that attracts a penal complex time period even if the minor consents.

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