D-Black makes first public appearance after the leak of his tape

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Rapper D-Black has made his first public appearance after the leakage of his s**tape that got him licking and pounding one Adrienne Nicole, his ex-girlfriend.

The Black Avenue Music CEO was spotted today at the studios of 4Syte TV where he was seen having a convo with a certain guy.

There’s a show at the 4Syte TV mansion dubbed G-Power 100 and the Vera hitmaker is there together with his crew to grace the event.

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The rapper has been unbothered about the leak of the sex video. For the past few days, he has been going about his business as if nothing embarrassing even happened.

Adrienne Nicole on the other hand has issued a press statement on how the video suddenly leaked.

According to the press statement released by Nicole, the video leaked because she lost her phone and started receiving threats from the person who found it. She then reported to the police and the cyber crime unit because she couldn’t handle it alone because the threats intensified. She also added that, her relationship with D black ended long before the video got leaked.

Nicole further disclosed that she would not want her private life and that of her ex-boyfriend D-Black.

I have no idea how to handle this. This feels like a crazy dream. I can not believe someone would do this to me and my Ex. There are hundreds of pictures and videos of him and I, on that phone and I don’t know what to do if more are released. Those were private moments and memories. We broke up and were taking a break but I never seen anything like this happening! This was a personal part of my life never meant to be shared with the World and I am still processing what’s happening to me right now”

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