Delete this ASAP or l take legal actions against you – Julliet Ibrahim

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As election time draws closer, every political party is trying to associate themselves with the brand of some celebrities in the country for endorsements.

In the right and lawful manner, the political party have to sit with the celebrity for proper endorsements but that wasn’t the case of Julliet Ibrahim as her image was used in a political campaign on Twitter for the main opposition party NDC without her concern.

A tweet from Donmark with The actress image captions “The second coming of H E John Dramani mahama.. the visionary leader, nation builder, man of infrastructure , faithful man n incorruptible… father for all @MBawumia @NAkufoAddo @e_dramani @julietibrahim #KickNanaOut

It is fair to say this does not go down well with Julliet as she ordered the tweet to be deleted or face legal actions.

She wrote “Who authorized you to use my image to promote and endorse a political campaign? Are you aware this is unlawful? Delete this ASAP and inform your counterparts that are doing the same to do the same else I’ll take legal actions!!!”

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