Eagle Prophet says there’ll be massive food poisoning of JHS students to tarnish the image of President Nana Addo | watch video

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Popular Ghanaian prophet Reindolph Oduro Gyebi, also known as Eagle Prophet has revealed in a fresh video that some people are scheming to damage the reputation of the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo.

As it stands, Nana Addo has rolled out an initiative to give final year JHS students and teachers 1 hot meal per day.

Now, Eagle Prophet is saying that some heartless people will try to use this initiative to carry out a wicked act of massively poisoning the students in other to bring shame to the president.

“I saw Ghana burying more than…the number I will not say. The food the children will be eating I saw someone poisoning the food. Those people that are feeding these children… those people who are cooking this food need to be very careful and very cautious”, He said.

“I am a Prophet of God, what I see is what I see. The name of the president will be so tarnished to the point that if care is not taken, a mass school are going to face death brutality and they will say the president gave them food for rituals to kill them so that he will win the position but it is not so. This is a demonic agenda that has been set on to disgrace the president and to kill his spirit”.

Watch the video below:

As it stands, there have been cases of food poisoning in Ho, Volta Region.

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