Explained – Why many South America players have ridiculous haircuts.

Ever recall looking at a footballer’s haircut and wondering what in the hell went wrong?

Turns out, if it’s a South American or a Mexican footballer, there’s a pretty good chance it’s because of their initiation tradition – and not because the player showed up drunk to the barber.

Upon getting promoted to the first team, the players are required to get the worst haircuts one can dream of. Sometimes, it’s your own teammates who subject you to this!

Mexican Players get their worst haircuts for pre season after their promotion to the first team.

However, it’s all in good spirits and even Atletico Madrid Boss boss Diego Simeone’s son ,Giovanni Simeone was not spared while playing for River Plate

Giovani Simeone with his worst haircuts during his dats at River Plate.

Take a look at some gems below, we couldn’t pick which one is the worst even if there was a gun to our heads

Source – Tribuna

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