Face shield: a necessary tool


So there are so many views flying through numerous platforms by individuals who are misinterpreting the nature of spread of CORONAVIRUS and discrediting the potency of FACE SHIELDS.

Interestingly, these views being churned out portray the virus as one that travels in a zigzag or convoluted manner, thus, the impression is that the virus could bizarrely come out from one’s mouth and wiggle its way underneath or above the FACE SHEILDS and enter your eyes , nostril or mouth.

This could only be an unscientific interpretation which defy basic logic as the virus travels linearly (straight) and down on the ground.

Again there seems to be an impression that once the virus is on the ground, it resurrects and flies upwards through to the FACE SHEILD. Quiet ‘Movie-like’ i guess.

Clearly, this is inaccurate. Therefore claims of the FACE SHEILD being detrimental or inefficient towards the fight against COVID-19 is false.

Perhaps we’ve forgotten that the fight against COVID-19 is a multilayered approach, hence social distancing, face mask, FACE SHIELD, washing of hands, the use of sanitizer among other are all important.

Indeed FACE SHIELDS enhances all the other measures. For instance one is more safer when you wear the FACE SHEILD and adopt social distancing.

Similarly, one is well protected when you wear the FACE SHEILD over the face mask.

Again removal of the SHIELD does not require you to touch any part of your face.

Further, in view of the fact that the virus is said to be airborne, FACE SHIELDS, undoubtedly cannot be ignored.

Consequently, FACE SHIELDS must be highly adopted as part of measures to prevent the spread of the virus and contracting same.


Source: Dr. Ossechre Smith, Public Health Expert

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