Fake Soldier arrested & locked in a car boot | Watch Video

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A fake soldier has been arrested for impersonating the Nigerian Army.

A man believed to be a fake soldier has been arrested by the Nigerian army. He is said to have been impersonating them for quite some time now.

Video trending had him arrested and locked in a car boot.

He was later driven to their military base for proper drilling and punishment.

The video sparked a few reactions as shared beneath:

  • And I thought I was having a bad day damn. This guy don finish
  • Story, we have been deceived long time, leave the innocent man abeg, the people given Info to these Boko harams are the leaders, the Army generals and top politicians….we are tired of been deceived
  • Omo can you imagine? Dem go too deal with this guy o.
  • This video is enough to fight any charge against him. He has the right to sue the army. No justification for the treatment.
  • But which one is true? Tundenut say na the man dey give info to Boko Haram and you are saying other things
  • Yanga go wake am.
  • Yes but why must he be treated inhumanely, he broke the law,charge him accordingly..have him sit in the rear seat…
  • Dis one jam agbako 4 real.. E go almost die but e no go die😂
  • People dey run from trouble …you run go meet trouble 💔😢
  • This one use him hand invite trouble…no fear

Watch the video below:

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