Flash back: Eagle Prophet said in October that Ghana Won’t Vote On December 7

Eagle Prophet

According to him in a televised video, there’ll be a nationwide heavy downpour on December 7th which will force the elections to be postponed to the next day or another day would have to be set for the polls.

We were expecting this to come to pass. Meanwhile, today is the elections day and the weather is crisp and clear, everything is looking fine and smooth.

“The are prophetic figures in the realms.777, to be specific Ghana is going for election on 7th December during that period there going to be a heavy downpour, there will be rains. Seven days before, seven days after there’s going to rains. When the rains come down during that period, there is a prophetic shift and the realms.

So If it rains on 7th December for the whole day are we going to hold the election? No we are not going to hold it. If the 7th December did not happen it has been shifted to 8th or they must sit down and reschedule a date for Ghana and that is a crush in the realms of the spirit.”

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