Follow the “70:30” content rule to restrict influx of foreign content on TV– Dzifa Gomashie

Member of Parliament for Ketu South, Dzifa Gomashie has tasked government and stakeholders in the art industry to institute measures to restrict the increasing rate of foreign content on local TV stations.

Speaking in Parliament on AU Day she said that the influx of foreign content is hindering the growth of the arts and entertainment industry.

Madam Dzifa explained that young Ghanaians content creators are losing opportunities to showcase their talents and content because of the dominating foreign content.

“If the theme for this celebration is arts culture and heritage and we look at it as the building blocks for Africa that you want, then I want to urge this house and this country to take a second look at ways in which we allow foreign content on our airwaves,” she said in Parliament.

She said that TV stations must be tasked to follow the “70:30” content rule, which allows them to show more Ghanaian content including ones that could also prove educational.

According to Dzifa “everybody is showing some kind of telenovela that is not adding any value to the culture, the arts and the heritage that we seek to preserve as a people.”

The lawmaker said that it is time to put in place stringent measures to ensure the sector grows in terms of content among others.

“We are squeezing out the job opportunities for young people, if we do not take measures to address the situation,” she added.

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