Forget your threats, I’ll still release my “Papa No” song – Ball J

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Ghanaian rapper, Ball J, has said that he’ll release his ‘Papa No’ song despite the threats he’s receiving from unknown people.

He noted that one of the anonymous callers told him not to release the song because it’s a political song but he doesn’t care he’ll drop it anyway.

Ball J explained that he recorded the song way long in December 2019 before these issues of ‘Papa No’ started trended this year.

He tweeted:

‘A year ago I released a song I titled “Papa No Nie” which featured Dahill and Hxncho. I decided to feature @AmgMedikal and @kwawkese on the remark to push it this year but corona came and messed things up. Early this morning I got an anonymous call from an unknown warning me not to release the song because they think the song is political. I would like to use this platform and make it clear to any political party that my song is not political, Medikal and Kwaw Kese recorded their part last December even before this “Papa No” issues f*ck your stupid threats! I’m going to release the song anyway. Watt!!

Papa No Nie

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