Four-year-old girl rescued in the middle of the sea alone while riding on an inflatable unicorn

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A four-year-old girl on a big inflatable unicorn was swept half a mile out to sea in Greece. The child, who was in the sea off the coast of Antirrio, Corith, had reportedly ‘escaped her parents’ attention’ and floated away.

Local media reports say when they realised their daughter was out of sight, her parents contacted the port authorities who alerted the captain of the local ferry the Salaminomachos.

The captain found the child in the middle of the sea and manoeuvred the inflatable unicorn to safety.

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The little girl wearing pink shows true strength in the clip as she calmly holds on to the unicorn while the boat crew rescue her.

As crewmen inch towards the inflatable unicorn, they pull her and the toy out of the water to safety.

The girl was reportedly returned to her parents unharmed, but local media report that this is not the first time that beach-goers have been swept out to sea. An elderly man apparently recently fell victim to the strong sea current on an inflatable mattress.

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