Full list of 21 prophecies released by Prophet Badu Kobi on 31st night for 2021

The much-awaited list of prophecies made by Prophet Badu Kobi made in front of his church on 31st Night has been released.

He gave 21 solid prophecies. Read the 21 prophecies below:

Watch the video below:

1. India shall progress than any other country

2. The economy of America will slow down

3. The economy of China will tumble

4. The truth of Ghana’s election will come out

5. NPP will give out Kennedy Agyapong

6. Deportations from nations worldwide

7. Iran will worry America

8. Another virus is coming and the source China and it will pass through Europe

9. Economies of the world will slow down

10. Prophets shall be attacked

11. Because of darkness over Ghana death, poverty, sicknesses will be cheap

12. A very big funeral will happen in Ghana

13. Some countries under the UK will start the process of breaking away

14. 2021 will be the year of increased enemies

15. Bishop Agyinasare, Badu Kobi, Nigel Gaisie have been programmed to be attacked Landcruiser with foreign people have been given pictures of pastors but God won’t give them up. It is political and some pastors are involved

16. NDC should pray for Sammy Gyamfi. Some people want to kill him spiritually.

17. The owner of Angel FM should pray. There is a conspiracy to bring his business down in 2021. Captain Smart should ask me who sent people to his house.

18. Citizens are going to fight police and military

19. Serious in-fighting in the NPP and secrets will come out

20. Jean Mensa’s life is in danger

21. More protests across nations

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