Funny Face Captured In New Video Begging His Ex Wife Who Called Him A ‘2 Minutes Man’

Ghanaian singer, comedian, and actor, Funny Face has been captured in a new video trying to beg his ex-wife Elisabeth Adjoa Ntim.

Funny Face and Elisabeth who’s a Police officer married in 2014 but their marriage ended in tears in 2016 with a lot of back and forth controversies.

Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng said he divorced his wife on the basis of infidelity and other things she did that are worse than adultery.

This forced Elisabeth to also come and talk about her side of the story where she labelled Funny Face as a person who doesn’t last for more than 2-minutes in bed.

She said: “My ex-husband is suffering from early ejaculation and I had cautioned [him] on several occasions but he wouldn’t listen to me.”

Well, fast forward in 2019, Funny Face remarried another woman with whom he welcomed a set of twins — Ella and Bella.

But just like his first marriage, this new one also ended on a sour note.

Well, Funny Face has said that what his new wife did to him made his first wife to look like an angel to him.

He also came out a few months ago that having pondered on how his marriage ended with his first wife, he can see that he has held a lot in his heart towards her but he wants to let go of those things and be a free man.

So just yesterday at the launch of Adonko Next Level Energy drink, the ‘Cow and Chicken’ actor could be seen trying to draw the attention of his ex-wife, probably to beg her.

The woman as seen in the video didn’t even give a hoot about his presence as she just looked on unconcerned.

Watch the video below:

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