General elections should be held once in a year – Bulldog


Artiste manager, Bulldog real name Lawrence Nana Asiamah-Hanson has proposed that general elections should be held once in a year.

In a post via Instagram, he noted that a development plan should be drawn for Ghana with which every elected president must work with when voted in to power.

So when you’re elected and you rule for a year, you’ll be voted for again to continue.

Bulldog remarked that unless something of this sort is done, Ghana would keep retrogressing in development.

Read his full message below:

“The way Ghanaian politicians go the extra mile

to please their citizenry where developmental issues are concerned in an election year is breathtakingly refreshing!

I think as a people we should take a critical look at the constitution again and make amendments to the tenure of office.

Hold elections every year, only then will Ghana attain it’s developmental goals faster.

First there has to be a National Program Development for elected governments to work with, an action plan that provides the guidance needed to develop and build the country and people.

Do what you can in 12 months.

Be proficient at the job and get re-elected, simple.

This will greatly be propitious to Ghana.

Governance will attract a group of selfless individuals who will be dedicated to serve at the pleasure of the people.

Only at that juncture, politics will truly be about people and not an avenue for amassing ill gotten wealth.”


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