GHAMRO blames Government for failure to pay Royalties to Musicians.

Ghanaian sound Engineer, King of Accra alleges the Ghana Music Rights organization puts blame on Government for their inability to pay Musicians this December.

GHAMRO is a royalties collection agency within Within Ghana, that represents the rights of music copyright holders.The Organization was created under section 49 of the Copyright Law, Act 690 of 2005, collects royalties for all Music rights owners.

According to the Beat Producer in a tweet, the Agency says they cannot pay Musicians their royalties because Government didn’t give them any money to do so.

He went on to vent his frustration on why the agency will have to demand money from Government in the first place when the money is made through the artists without any Government interference.

“how can you say you can’t pay musicians because government didn’t give you money when the money is made through the music we make and how does Government come in? He asked

It’s sad to see all this happening to our artists who dedicates their time and energy yo entertainment. Infact they deserve better and we hope GHAMRO can sort things out.

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