Ghana pallbearers resume work after Government lifts restrictions on funerals

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Sensational Ghana pallbearers who went viral over the early periods of Coronavirus lockdown have resumed their normal work after Government lifted restrictions on funerals.

In a video that has hit social media, the pallbearers could be seen dancing with the corpse of their client well clad in white outfits.

Watch the video below:

As it stands, the leader of the group has said earlier that they’ll increase their chargers after Coronavirus.

The founder Benjamin Aidoo, granted an interview to Giovanni Caleb about their increasing fame across the world and its impact on their business.

During the interview, Ben disclosed that they now get calls from all parts of the world and they will soon increase their prices after COVID-19 pandemic. “

The popularity we have received is booming our business now. We would increase our prices after the coronavirus. For now, we have a manager in Kenya and we have a lawyer too in Kenya,” he said.

Detailing their prices, he said, “the lowest in it is the black and white and the highest is the all-white, for outside Ghana the highest we charge is $3000 excluding transportation, food and accommodation”.

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