Ghana Police Service reacts to activities of Western Togoland Separatists at Ho STC Bus terminal

Ghana Police Service has reacted to activities by a group believed to be Western Togoland Separatists at Ho STC Bus terminal the early hours of today, Tuesday 29th September 2020.

These group of people burnt one STC mini-bus to ashes and threatened drivers sleeping at the terminal at gun point.

In reaction, the Ghana Police has taken to their official Facebook page to reveal that they’ve launched investigations into the matter.

Arson at Ho STC Yard.

Police is investigating the allegation that at about 02:00 am today, four armed men stormed Ho STC yard demanding the keys to all the vehicles parked and set two of the mini buses ablaze when the drivers did not produce the keys. The arrival of Police and Fire Service personnel saved the situation. Preliminary investigation shows that there were 11 vehicles parked at the time of the incident. One bus was completely burnt and another slightly burnt. A flag of the group which calls itself “Western Togoland” was found at the scene.

Police urge the public to remain calm, while volunteering information to Police and Security Services.

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