“Goodbye Jerry” – Nigerian actor, Pete Edochie eulogizes his friend, late former president Rawlings [Video]

Veteran Nigerian actor Pete Edochie has eulogized his friend and compatriot the late former President Rawlings and expressed how he feels about his passing.

In a video, Pete Edochie said the death of Rawlings has reminded him that all human beings are just flesh and there will come a time when everybody will depart this Earth.

Speaking on how he feels about his death, Pete Edochie said the passing of former President Rawlings is a big shock to him but he takes solace in the belief that they will meet again and continue with their friendship.

“My brother Jerry, your passing has reminded me once more that death is the ultimate destination of man…the spirit never dies.

When my own spirit separates from my body, we shall meet again, we shall hug, we shall share out jokes. Until then, Goodbye Jerry, goodbye,” Pete Edochie solemnly said.

Pete Edochie and former President Jerry John Rawlings were very good friends. Aside from their geographical differences, they seem to have the same personality and got along pretty well.

Rawlings passed away at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital on Thursday, November 12, 2020, after a short illness and will be laid to final rest on Wednesday, January 27 2021.

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