Guns of Police officers reportedly fails to fire during gun battle with robbers

Lashibi Robbery

It has emerged that the guns of the first police officers who attempted to foil a robbery at Lashibi failed to fire during an exchange of fire with the armed robbers.

Last Friday, October 16, 2020, a gang of armed robbers initiated a robbery operation at a bank at Lashibi in Accra.

The thieves are said to have stolen from the bank’s safe after opening fire into a vault and chiselling the wall to the vault in order to gain access.

They also exchanged fire with a police patrol team that arrived at the robbery scene to foil the operation.

According to a report by The Chronicle which was read on UTV news, the first two police officers who arrived at the scene saw their guns fail them.

The report said the police officers had wanted to retaliate after the robbers opened fire on them but their guns failed to fire.

It further stated that the guns of the officers failed to fire because they hadn’t been serviced and were, therefore, not ready for use.

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Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, five suspects who were allegedly involved in the robbery have been apprehended by the police.

Two individuals and three private security personnel are currently in the grip of the police and assisting with investigations.

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