Hajia Bintu And Fella Makafui, Who Get Big Backside? Checkout These Photos


Choose From These Pictures, Hajia Bintu And Fella Makafui, Who Get Heavy Backside? Let’s See Who Wins

Fella Precious Makafui is a Ghanaian actress and a philanthropist. Makafui started her career as a model, she later went into acting which brought her to limelight when she starred in the popular YOLO (You Only Live Once) television series.

YOLO actress, Fella Makafui ever since she rose to fame has been criticised for increasing her buttocks through surgical means. Some fans have also trolled her for wearing buttocks pad to deceive men but she keeps posting photos showing her “tundra” backside for fans to know she is got it all─obviously to rubbish pumping and wearing of buttocks pad rumours.

Hajia Bintu is one of the popular faces in Ghana, particularly on TikTok. However, less is known about the curvy Ghanaian whose fame is fast rising on social media. Hajia Bintu, a curvy female with big buttocks , is a content creator and influencer known popularly for her tiktok videos. She normally dances to background songs and captions by winding her ass about like a pendulum.

Fella Makafui


Hajia Bintu


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