Her family dumped her in a gutter but a stranger adopted her. See how she looks now (photos)

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The most unforgettable thing was Sarah a university student who volunteered at a local clinic in Haiti.

When they began making house to house visits, they came to a home in the unfriendly atmosphere of a small child. They met Mika and her mother there, and they worked with her to advise them on taking care of Mika, but they were shocked when they went to visit him one day and Mika lay in the dumping dump.

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The mother of Mika explained that she accused her daughter of witchcraft where they lived. Others say it is induced to try to get rid of the pregnancy by drinking sweets.

But Sarah wanted to take responsibility for her in Mika. Then Sarah took Mika with her boyfriend and her daughter in the house she owned. And Mika was embraced and at home they made her feel.

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After operations, Mika has lost half of her head’s hair. Sarah adopted Mika legally. It’s not an easy way, she admits, but for a long time she’s in, God is truly wonderful.

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