Her Father Had Sex With Her When She Was 12 – Mother of 14 Year Old Girl Drug Addict Reveals

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Mother of 14 year old girl drug addict, on SVTV Africa, has disclosed that, the father of the girl used to sleep with her when she was 12.

Not long ago SVTV Africa interviewed a claimed 17 year old girl, drug addict who blamed her friends for leading her into drugs.

In a recent development, the mother of the child has revealed many secrets behind her child’s waywardness, stating emphatically that, she is 14 years and not 17.

According to her, the girl’s father who is now in jail serving 15 years, for sexually abusing his own child, started it when the girl was 12.

“He used to have sex with her until  the child reported the case to the nungua police, who followed the case till the father was jailed”. She lamented.

Adding that, she believes the sexual abuse of her daughter by the father, is the reason why the girl is now doing drugs.

Talking more about drugs she said, the father was also a drug addict, and she as a mother, also used to smoke on certain occasions.

The 14 year old girl, through the help and support of some kind-hearted Ghanaians and SVTV Africa Foundation, has now been enrolled at the House of St.Francis Rehab Center, in Ashiaman receiving treatment.

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